How it Works

It's really quite simple. The trick is in the petition box. Instead of typing the normal Please answer the following question, MrAlmighty: or Please answer:, you type the answer to the question you are about to ask. You start this by typing a period. Notice that instead of a period, what happens is that the letter 'P' appears in the petition text box. You then continue to type the answer to your question, but instead of displaying what you type, it will display the default petition text. After you are finished typing your predestined answer, finish with another period. Then, go ahead and finish the petition sentence. If you still have questions on how to do it check out the Detailed Instructions here.

And if you REALY want to trick your friends, then use Mr. Almighty without instructions which is a copy of this site, without any links to the secret! Simply Bookmark that link and show them that site, and you will have them completely fooled!

Once you get the hang of it you can also click the small blue arrow immediately under this sentence (and also on the main page) and these instructions will disappear. Have fun!

Welcome to - The best mind reading site that can read your mind!

Greetings. I am Mr. Almighty. After living through thousands of years on the earth, going through many trials and tribulations, I have developed a unique, and miraculous new ability to read your mind. This is no prank and no joke, I am capable of seeing through time and space, granting answers to any question within seconds. However, I no longer pocess the need for fame and wealth. Instead, I have consecrated my gift, to help those who seek answers to their questions, free of charge. I am here 24/7 at your service. Is it real or is it just a simple magic trick? You decide!

How to Ask your Question

In the petition box below type: Please answer: or you can type Please answer the following question, MrAlmighty:
Then type your question in the questions box. eg. What color is my shirt?

You must end the petition with a colon ( : )
You must end the question with a question mark ( ? )

Click me or whatever
Type Petition :
Type Question :

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