The Trick behind - TOP SECRET!

I am Mr. Almighty. After living through thousands of years on the earth, going through many trials and tribulations, I have developed an unique, and miraculous new ability. I am capable of seeing through time and space, granting answers to any question within seconds.

Actually.... Not Really

Okay, I lied. My name is not Mr. Almighty, I am not thousands of years old, and I do not have a sixth sense. is a free prank site where you can trick your friends into believing that an imaginary person/thing is sitting at his desk, answering any question you throw at him using his amazing answer-finding powers. Of course, this is fake. However, this is so believable, a friend I tried it on had me change my shirt... 3 times. MrAlmighty knew what the color of my shirt was every single time ;). On this page, I will show you the trick behind the website, and how you can make it work.

Real Comments From Users:

"I had my boyfriend fooled for a full half hour with this. At the end, he was asking me to ask it "Is there a God?" and "When will the next big earthquake strike?"!!"

"Your Program is Absolutely Brilliant I Had my brother convinced that his turtle was god and that I was going to die in 12 hours and him in 30 minutes!! Thanks for giving me a good laugh."

How it Works

It's really quite simple. The trick is in the petition box. Instead of typing the normal 'Please answer:' or 'Please Answer the following question, MrAlmighty:', you actually type the answer to the question you are about to ask! You do this by start typing with a period. Notice that instead of a period, the letter 'P' appears in the petition text box. Continue to type the answer to your question, and instead of displaying what you type, it will display the default petition text. The person you are pranking thinks you are typing 'Please Answer' and you are really typing the answer to their question. After you are finished typing your predestined answer, finish with another period. Then, go ahead and finish the petition sentence. Note that if the answer is short, you just need to finish the shorter petition, i.e., 'Please Answer:'. Once you enter the colon ':' the cursor will automatically jump down to the next line where you will enter your question.

NOTE: Once you get the hang of it, you can use Mr. Almighty without instructions which is a copy of this site, without any links to the secret!

You type in Petition Box: .Blue.Answer:
Petition Box Displays: Please Answer: (note that 'Blue' does not appear)
You Type in Question box: What color is the sky?
MrAlmighty Answer: Blue

Video Demonstration of Above Example:

Don't forget to use Mr. Almighty without instructions when pranking your family/friends. Have fun!